Meet Dr. Babus

Dr. Glenn Babus has practiced minimally invasive pain care for more than
two decades, performing over 50,000 injectable procedures under technical
guidance. He's amassed an awesome body of knowledge and skill in
non-surgical techniques.


Dr. Babus completed his Anesthesiology residency and Pain Management fellowship at the world renowned Houston Medical Center. Virtually all of the protocols for treating pain at Hermann and Methodist Hospitals were at the forefront of medical technology.


Dr. Babus began performing early vertebroplasty procedures for compression fractures of the vertebrae common in osteoporosis, stabilizing the fractures and supporting the spine. He was one of the first pain specialists to offer Epiduroscopy treatment for back pain rooted in spinal nerve conditions. He was the first specialist in the New York metro area to perform a re-chargeable spinal cord
stimulator, and a Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) procedure.

Precision Counts
Dr. Babus has always worked with the most advanced imaging guidance techniques, both Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy, also called Real Time X-ray guidance. He's used these systems in more than 50,000 cases, including residency, making him elite at the world level.


Following his fellowship Dr. Babus opened the first Inter-Disciplinary Pain Management Department at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Texas.


Dr. Babus: "I was an athlete, and pain management became very personal to me. I kept a 30 pound dumbell on-call with me in the ICU. My sport was triathlons, and I've probably swam, run, and biked a hundred thousand miles, gaining a deep understanding of how important my patients' joints are to them."

In 1998 Dr. Babus opened Wellness in Life, an inter-disciplinary pain practice with an emphasis on healthful lifestyles. It coupled a common sense aproach to nutrition and well-being, with aggressive non-surgical procedures.


Dr. Babus: "In the nineties we were at the beginning of the conversation about Wellness. Wellness In Life began to account for the patient's diet and body type. The key to success proved to be combining the right medical procedure and lifestyle approach for each patient. I still believe that today."


In 2004 Dr. Babus expanded his practice to New York. He's continued his interdisciplinary aproach to treating pain, transitioning from injected steroids to the use of the patient's own stem cells into joints and discs. Unique to his practice, Dr. Babus uses multiple regenerative therapies in new algorithms, significantly improving outcomes.


Dr. Babus: "We're opening new doors. We're able to combine multiple regenerative techniques, creating a greatly enhanced potential for pain relief."


Dr. Babus: "I've used these injectable techniques for a long time, but the wonder of cell based substances has made pain treatment so much more elegant. Think about where we were 20 years ago compared to now. It's an amazing thought... Absolutely awe inspiring."