Fact Sheet

We believe Cellience takes a unique approach to healing. Here are a few of the facts that make Cellience noteworthy.

At Cellience our physician has always believed in Non-surgical techniques. Dr. Babus' practice has concentrated on injections in the joints and spine for more than 20 years.

Our patients have access to all current technology in imaging guidance. Cellience uses both ultrasound and fluoroscopic (real time X-Ray) guidance. This duality is key to assure that your injection goes exactly where it needs to be.

Experience counts! Dr. Babus has used fluoroscopy guidance for more than 20 years, including residency. He's performed thousands of procedures this way, and believes it to be an essential component of care.

Cellience takes a giant leap forward with new options in regenerative care. We may use one or a combination of therapies, depending on your evaluation, helping you return to active pain free life. Included: stem cell, platelet rich plasma (PRP), leukocyte poor PRP, and Amniotic Fluid.

At most practices your point of contact remains ancillary staff. Cellience turns back the clock! Here, the doctor is your point of care and patients are welcome to reach out directly.

Leave the hustle and bustle of a large group behind. We partner with all our patients to deliver a highly personalized, technically aggressive care plan. Our boutique practice is 100% focused on helping you achieve a successful outcome in a serene environment.

Learn more about our practice, Dr. Babus, and why Cellience is the right decision for regenerative medicine.