What is regenerative medicine and how can it benefit you?
Regenerative medicine is non-surgical care to help you overcome joint, disc, ligament, and tendon pain and injury, using the body's own healthy stem cells and blood products to help heal from within. 
Unlike most techniques used to heal chronic pain, regenerative medicine is minimally invasive, holistic, and natural. Cellience is a boutique practice that creates a personalized treatment plan which will help you find pain relief.
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Our patients have access to all the current technology in image guidance. Cellience uses both ultrasound and fluoroscopic (real time X-Ray) guidance during all of our procedures. This duality is key to ensuring that your injections go exactly where they need to.
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Unique treatments.
Cellience takes a giant leap forward with new options in regenerative care. We may use one or a combination of therapies, depending on your evaluation. This includes: stem cell therapy, PRP injections, alpha 2-macroglobulin and amniotic fluid therapy.
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Personalized care.
Leave the hustle and bustle of a large group behind. We partner with all our patients to deliver a highly personalized, and technically aggressive care plan. Our boutique practice is 100% focused on helping you achieve a successful outcome in a serene environment. 
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